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Crib Skirts

At GreenPea Baby & Child we offer premade crib skirts as well as custom designs.  One of the most important things to consider when selecting a crib skirt is the length.  Cribs offer varying mattress support heights.  Some with only a couple settings and other cribs with as many as four settings.  Each time you change the mattress height, it will change how your crib skirt appears.  If you can select your crib first, you can determine the best crib skirt length for that crib.  For example, a crib with a large band at the bottom will probably only require an 11" or 12" skirt whereas a traditional crib where you see the crib skirt fully, a longer length would look better.  We are happy to help you create the perfect nursery bedding.  Call us today for your complimentary design appointment!
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