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Cribs are available in just about every style and color you can imagine these days.  And from the outside, it may seem that you can't tell that big of difference between a crib that is $300 and one that is $600.  But beneath that finish, quality of construction varies widely.  If you are looking for furniture that will convert to a big kid bed, quality of construction is vitally important.  You want to look for a crib that is solid wood construction that doesn't utilize MDF or Particleboard.  Wood-like construction will break down over time and you may find that your furniture does not hold up well to humidity and changes in temperature.  MDF also contains glues that may off-gas into the room.  In contrast, a crib or dresser made from solid wood can withstand the heavy daily use that kids can have on furniture.  Other things to look for are quality glides, dove-tail construction and non-toxic finishes.
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