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Baby Carriers

One of the best things that a new mom can do is wear her baby. At GreenPea Baby & Child, we carry the top-rated baby carriers on the market. Our Baby Ktan and ErgoWrap are our top picks for soft baby carriers.  They are great to use while breastfeeding and for skin to skin contact.  The NuRoo Pocket Shirt is super comfy and easy to use and a top pick for moms to wear at home and out and about.  For more structured carriers, we have the Ergo and Lillebaby.  Both have all the features that you could ever want in a carrier, they are easy to use and offer a multitude of stylish options. We love to help parents select the best carrier for their family. Stop by or give us a call today!
We carry the top brands of baby carriers on the market! Baby Ktan, Lillebaby, ErgoBaby and NuRoo are all available online and at our boutique in Raleigh/Cary, NC. Wearing your baby makes them feel comfortable and secure in their new world. They have been attached riding along with mom for 40 weeks and yet when they are born, rather than continuing this bond we separate by placing them in strollers and bouncers. Did you know that in many cultures where babywearing is the norm, crying spells are almost non-existent? You can't spoil a new baby by holding them. Wearing a baby sling such as the Baby Ktan, will provide a swaddled hold on the baby and help them to control the movement of their hands and legs. In addition to the benefits for the baby, mom and dad can benefit as well. They can easily move around the house doing chores, preparing meals and running after a toddler all while their baby is close at hand. Need to run out to pick up something from the store? Slip your baby carrier around your waist, hop in the car and when you arrive at your destination you can simply get your baby out of the car seat and slip them into the carrier and off you go. No big strollers to lug out and pack up.
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