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Grandparent Gifts

When a new baby is born, the focus is, of course, on the new family. The new mom and dad will be showered with gifts from friends and family. But what about the grandparents? Becoming a grandparent is an exciting and fun time. After all, you get all the love and joy without those sleepless nights! Many grandparents like to have baby gear on hand so that the new parents don't have to cart half their house around with them each time they come for a visit. This can be especially true if Mom and Dad need to travel a great distance for those visits. Baby gifts for grandparents can include common items like photo albums, receiving blankets, baby clothes, booster seats or even diapers. Most grandparents want the baby to feel welcome and comfortable in their home, so providing plush toys and interesting books as baby gifts for grandparents can provide all the fun that a little one will come to expect each time they enter Grandma and Grandpa's house!
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