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Baby Rattles & Clutching

Baby rattles may seem as if they are some of the most insignificant gifts, but in fact they are some of the best choices in small gifts. Whether you create a gift basket that includes baby rattles, or whether you attach one as an adornment on a gift card envelope, this will be one of the most used toys that the newborn will receive.
There are many choices in design and color. Some are created to emphasize pastel colors representing a child’s gender. Others are made with a rainbow of color options. Still others emphasize stark contrast, as in the case of black and white baby toys and accessories. These all provide developmental toys for babies, allowing them to gain manual dexterity as the grasp the handles. All learning modalities are engaged with a simple rattle, allowing tactile, visual, and auditory senses to be used and developed. Parents find them invaluable as distracting items that will catch the attention of a fussy child. Teething designs provide a means of comforting and working sore gums. As a youngster gets older, simple musical rhythms can be created using this multi-use toy. No baby gift is complete, really, without a fun rattle.
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